Privacy Policy

At Y Kuro we respect your privacy and therefor we want you as a customer and
user of our webshop to feel safe when shopping and navigating on our website.
Therefore, we have compiled this privacy policy, where you can read what
information we collect about you what they are used for.

Responsible body and contact information

Nordic Activewear ApS
Kokbjerg 17
6000 Koding
CVR 39 07 24 75
Phone Number +45 20653204
Customer service


Data collection at Nordic Activewear ApS takes place with your agreement and
based on legal basis.

What information is collected?

We collect different types of data depending on whether you are a customer or just a
guest on our website.
The type of information we collect on our webshop falls under the following

General personal data

- Customer: As a customer at Y Kuro, we store the information that is necessary
for us to deliver the bought goods to you. We save your name, address, phone
number and your mail.

- Guest: We do not store any pertinent information about you.

- Newsletter: If you have subscribed to our newsletter, we will keep the information
you have given us, ie. name, address and email address.

Transaction data

- Transaction data is required to complete a purchase. We do not store your credit

Traffic data

- We collect traffic data from all our guests. The purpose of collecting traffic data is
optimizing the webshop's performance as well as improving marketing efforts

Location Data

- Location data helps us improve our marketing efforts.
You can find more information about Location Data and Traffic Data under our
Cookie Policy. Read more here

Security, including Data Collection, Data Processing and Data Storage

It is only Nordic Activewear ApS, which is responsible for the above mention data
collection and the subsequent data processing. We store the data securely and
encrypted. The payment transaction is carried out in secure and encrypted manner
by a trustworthy payment provider . The data required for a payment transaction is
processed by the concerned provider . Transaction's data processing responsibility
thus falls to the relevant provider.

Sharing information

At Nordic Activewear ApS, we appreciate the trust you have given us when
submitting your information. Therefore, we do not share or disclose data with a
partners or third parties.

Third Parties

We do not share Personal Data with third parties or business partners. Person data
required for transaction implementation will be processed by the relevant provider.

- Google
- Facebook
- Quickpay
- Mailchimp
- Woocommerce

Access to your information

As a customer, you are entitle to access and request the information we have
collected about you. In addition, you have the right to object to the collection of
information and revoke your consent.